Product Groups

Product Groups of Workplace Welfare

Occupational well-being

Air conditioning and hygiene
Equality and diversity
Increasing physical activity among workplace communities
Insurance and pension services
Interaction at the workplace
Measurement and monitoring
Occupational health care
Occupational health services
Occupational safety
Occupational safety and health
Occupational well-being services
Personnel strategies
Personnel benefits
Physical therapy
Physical workload
Psychological workload
Rehabilitation services
Vending machines
Workplace atmosphere
Workplace counselling
Workplace harassment
Workplace stress questionnaire
Workplace violence


Carpets for workstations
Daylight lamps
Equipment ergonomics
Equipment plate markings
Ergonomic products and equipment
Furniture ergonomics
Lifting and transfer equipment
Lighting ergonomics
Methods to improve workstation ergonomics
Office chairs
Office furniture
Orthopedic footwear
Visual ergonomics
Voice ergonomics courses
Workstation desks


Product Groups of EuroSafety

Occupational safety

Alcohol and drug tests
Business services
Central vacuum systems
Exhaust extraction
Filter equipment
Fixed fall-protection systems
Gas alert devices
Identity card printers
Identity cards
Industrial carpets
IT services
Lifting equipment
Lifting platforms
Local air conditioning
Machine safety
Measuring devices
Measuring devices for noise and ground vibration exposure
Noise reduction and vibrodamping
Occupational safety legislation
Occupational safety management system
Occupational safety reporting system
Occupational well-being
Personal safety and security systems
Protective screens
Safety cables
Safety equipment for machines
Safety flooring
Safety management
Safety rails
Safety signs and stickers
Sampling equipment and calibration
Signs and warning equipment
Skin protection, protective creams
Textile services
Vending machines
Work clothing and personal protective equipment services

Personal protective equipment

Ear defenders
Eye protectors
Fall protection equipment
Hand protectors
Knee protectors
Protective clothing
Protective headwear
Radio ear defenders
Safety footwear
Safety goggles
Safety-clothing for handling chemicals
Work and safety clothing

Rescue services

Aerial platform and boom ladder trucks
Alarm control centres
All-terrain vehicles
Ambulances and equipment
Boats / Life boats
Carbon monoxide alert devices
Chemicals control equipment and accessories
Civil protection equipment
Command vehicles / Crew vehicles
Communication equipment
Consumer products (alarms, smothering blankets,safety markings,etc.)
Diving equipment
Diving equipment
Emergency lights
Exhaust gas elimination equipment
Fire alarm systems
Fire hoses and hose maintenance equipment
Fire stopping
First response and first aid
Fittings (jet tubes, dividing breechings, etc.)
Fixed extinguishing systems
Foam equipment
Foam fluids and extinguishing powders
Foaming equipment
Gas measuring equipment
Hand-held extinguishers and extinguisher cabinets
Hand-held lights
Hose cabinets and reels
Hot-work equipment
Hydraulic rescue equipment
Infrarated cameras, rescue services
Jump cushions
Ladder equipment
Light masts
Maintenance services of fire-extinguishing equipment
Monitoring systems
Oil combating equipment
Oxygen bags
Personal protective equipment
Pneumatic equipment
Positioning systems
Powered pumps and pumping equipment
Radiation meters
Rescue bags and blanking plugs
Rescue vehicles
Road safety equipment
Safety lighting
Safety vessels and cabinets
Signs and warning equipment
Smoke fans
Structural fire safety
Subsequent damage control
Surface rescue equipment and accessories
TETRA/VIRVE applications
Trade magazines
Trade union
Training and rescuing with heavy equipment
Training machines and equipment
Water damages

First aid

Burn products
Dressings, bandages and disinfectants
Emergency packs
Emergency showers
Eye rinsing
First aid cabinets
First aid equipment for workplaces
First aid kits
First aid markings
Protective coverings
Protective equipment
Replenishment supplies
Rescue sheets
Special packaging
Stretchers and equipment
Supports and splints
Vacuum products
Workplace first-aid surveys

Environmental safety

Environmental safety

Safety engineering and safety services

Safety technology and services for safety industry
Corporate and information security
Insurance services
Personal safety equipment
Property protection and storage of valuables
Safety and security control
Safety and security operations and services
Security systems
Structural safety and security

Information, training, consultation and publications

Consultation related to upholding working capacity
Corporate safety and security schemes
Customer-specific training
First-aid training
Hearing protection training
Industry association
Information services
Inspection services
Instructions and manuals
Organisations and unions
Professional publications and information material
Respirator training
Risk management
Safety and Security Trade Fair
Safety training and consultation
Training material and equipment